One stop shop

We sell all items required in the context of container repair – either as a comprehensive set or individually (parts, disposables, equipment and fasteners, tools and materials).

We aim to offer our customers premium quality and service every step of the way. And in the case of repairs, our horizon extends far beyond national borders. We can supply comprehensive repair sets containing everything required for a particular container repair job. Or we can supply specific items as a separate order – it all depends on what the customer wants. Do you only need particular tools? Or are you merely interested in materials for the regular maintenance of your container? Whatever you are looking for, we can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

Besides supplying regular container parts, we also offer a broad range of products required for carrying out the repair work itself. Our selection includes everything from grinding disks and welding consumables to soap, paper towels and work clothing. All found at the same place – which is all the more convenient for our customers! In addition, we also supply a number of products commonly used in the transport sector. Examples include tarpaulins, TIR cords and ratchet tie downs – all of which we hold in stock. And if you plan on ordering disposables or tool parts like grinding disks, drill bits, welding products or bolts, they’re included in our regular selection.

Here are a few examples from our extensive range of disposables:

- Work clothing
- Paint and painting materials
- Sealants
- Stickers
- Hygiene products 
- Cutting and forming equipment
- Corner castings
- Tarpaulins

Or check our catalogue for a full overview of our Open Top Container parts range.